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    Monthly Archives: August 2011

    • Significant Problems

      Significant Problems

      "The significant problems you face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking you were at when you created them." Albert Einstein The housing market has definitely caused significant problems for some people but is also providing some amazing...
      Written by InTouch
    • Silent Killer

      Silent Killer

      Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and toxic. It's called the "silent killer" in homes because some victims are not even aware that the deadly condition exists. Homeowners must be concerned about unmaintained furnaces, water heaters and appliances...
      Written by InTouch
    • More To Sell

      More To Sell

      If you had a 3.5% mortgage on your current home and were buying another home, transferring your low interest rate mortgage would be ideal. Unfortunately, lenders don't allow that. When buying a home today, it would be smart to think about selling it in...
      Written by InTouch
    • The Investment Alternative

      The Investment Alternative

      To say the investment market is unsettling is an obvious understatement. The market is down 8% in the last ten days and the news doesn't give much hope that things are going to get better in the near term. Preservation of capital is probably today's m...
      Written by InTouch
    • Woulda – Coulda- Shoulda

      Woulda – Coulda- Shoulda

      It is the mantra of people who missed a great deal. It's the theme song of the procrastinator. It's the refrain that reminds us of the one that got away. Some people are still beating themselves up because they didn't recognize the housing bubble was r...
      Written by InTouch

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