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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Refinancing Too Soon?

    Refinancing Too Soon?

    Some people believe they shouldn't refinance more often than once every two years. The determining factors are if you'll lower your payments and plan to stay in the home long enough to recapture the cost of refinancing. If so, you should consider refin...
    Written by InTouch
  • FHA MIP Release

    FHA MIP Release

    FHA loans require mortgage insurance premium to cover a possible loss to the lender if the property has to be foreclosed and sold. The premium is substantial and eliminating the MIP would reduce the payment considerably. The MIP must remain in effect f...
    Written by InTouch
  • Home Safety & Security Tips

    Home Safety & Security Tips

    A quick once-over of the items on this list may improve the safety and security of your home and could protect your family and friends. It is important to periodically pay attention to these things because things change over time. Security Does ea...
    Written by InTouch
  • Handling the Eyesore

    Handling the Eyesore

    It can be unsightly and upsetting when a home in a neighborhood isn't being maintained like the others. It might be an overgrown yard, a fence in need of repair, paint peeling on the home or even a car parked in front of the home that hasn't moved in w...
    Written by InTouch

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