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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • When the rate goes up

    When the rate goes up

    It’s not “if” the rate goes up but “when” the rate goes up; it could make a big difference for some buyers. Freddie Mac predicts that mortgage rates will be at 4.5% a year from now. If buyers can afford a home with higher...
    Written by InTouch
  • Waiting to Buy…WHY?

    Waiting to Buy…WHY?

    Some people wait to buy a home until they have 20% down payment to avoid paying the mortgage insurance which is required by lenders when the loan-to-value ratio is greater than 80%, with the exception of VA loans. To illustrate a typical situation, le...
    Written by InTouch
  • Dust-Free Home

    Dust-Free Home

    Having a dust-free home isn’t difficult, but it takes a serious commitment and a housekeeping strategy that addresses the dust and its causes. Whether your motive is cleanliness or to eliminate the cause of some allergies and asthma symptoms, it...
    Written by InTouch
  • Getting to Value

    Getting to Value

    Fair market value is the price that real estate would sell for on the open market without any unusual forces being involved. The definition is relatively simple but there certainly different methods of determining what it is. A homeowner could order ...
    Written by InTouch

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