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Highlands Real Estate

The highlands neighborhood is a great area to buy a home.

Typically homes in the highlands sell for more money because so many people want to live there.  One reason is because it’s so fun and unique.  It’s a one of a kind “melting pot” of all kinds of different people, music, restaurants and shopping options. The many different styles of homes seem to reflect the desire of originality the people who live there prefer.

This area is called “the highlands” because it sits on a ridge up from the Downtown Louisville area.  It is a three mile stretch of land with Bardstown Road being in the center.  Bardstown Road has a multitude of eclectic shops, fine eateries, bakeries and also some fast food places in Louisville.  There is always plenty to do and see on Bardstown Road.

Cherokee Park and Seneca Park are two Metro Parks that also add to the beauty of the Highlands.  Both parks were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.  He also designed Central Park in New York City.  The quality of the design is obvious.  For example, Cherokee park features meadows, concrete walking and biking trails, rolling hills, ponds.  Beargrass creek runs right through it.  Bridges and roadways wind through the park.  There is a two and a half mile scenic loop that divides one way road traffic on one side and pedestrian and bike traffic on the other.

With almost four hundred acres in Cherokee Park, there is so much to see and do.  Hogan’s fountain is an area where you can splash and play in the water, play baseball in the ball field, enjoy a pickup game of basketball on the basketball courts.  Other areas in the park offer the opportunity to shoot arrows at the archery range, fish in the fishing lake, play tennis on the tennis courts, even play golf at the 9 hole golf course.

Cherokee Park connects directly with the other Highland Metro Park called, Seneca Park.  Seneca Park has over 530 acres and continues the beautiful meandering of the park setting to extend the concrete walkways and the driving lanes.  This park also has, a one mile walking path, ballfields, picnic tables and playgrounds, tennis courts, restrooms, soccer fields and basketball courts.  Seneca Park also has an eighteen hole golf course.

There are several neighborhoods that make up “The Highlands”.  They are; Original Highlands, Phoenix Hill, Irish Hill, Cherokee Triangle, Tyler Park, Deer Park, Bonnycastle, Highlands-Douglass and Belknap.  There are also neighborhoods that are part of what we call, “Upper Highlands” which hold Sixth Class City Status and reside southwest off of Bardstown Road.  They are; Kingsley, Wellington, Strathmoor Manor and Strathmoor Village.

Homes typically cost more in the Highlands neighborhood primarily because so many people want to live there.  In most cases, we believe this is a wonderful place to buy a home.