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Jeffersontown Real Estate

Jeffersontown Kentucky is a city filled with a rich history. Located in the southeastern part of louisville, Jeffersonville, or “J-Town” as the locals call it, came into being in the 18th century as a stopover point for folks headed to the Falls of the Ohio in Louisville. Jeffersontown Kentucky is classified as a 2th class city. As a part of Jefferson County, Jeffersontown remained independent when the Louisville Metro government was established in 2003.

The size of Jeffersontown is ten square miles. According to the 2000 census there were 11,220 housing units in Jeffersontown. The median income per household was $51,999. Jeffersontown has its own mayor and police department. A vibrant local economy creates jobs that add to the appeal of the area.

In 1966, the Bluegrass Commerce Park opened on six hundred acres. It was the first development of its kind in the US. Within its attractive parklike setting, it grew to over 1800 acres and contains over 850 businesses. The Bluegrass Commerce Park is the largest of its kind in the state of Kentucky. Over 38,000 people have jobs there which makes “J-Town” one of the top three employers in the state.

General Electric also has an appliance park in Jeffersontown. The appliance park has been around since 1951. It sits on 1000 acres and, at it’s height, employed over 10,000 people. Papa Johns Pizza is also headquartered in Jeffersontown Kentucky.

Once the jobs were created, subdivisions and housing began to grow. This helps explain why most of the homes in Jeffersontown are 50 to 60 years old. Some subdivisions in Jeffersontown include, Windsor Gate, Magnolia place, Highland hills, Charlene Gardens, Watterson Woods, Gaslight Estates, Monticello Place, Saratoga Woods, Plainview, and Springview.

Because of the size and diversity of Jeffersontown, the style, sizes and prices of the homes vary greatly depending on which subdivision you live in. Overall, home prices in Jeffersontown range from just over $100,000 to over a half a million dollars. Condos subdivisions such as Magnolia Place, Highland Hills and Windsor Gate sell in the hundred thousands. Single story homes Brick homes in Charlene Gardens and Chenoweth Run sell for roughly the same amount. Springview is a subdivision filled with homes with more square footage, two story and vinyl exterior siding. Homes there sell in the mid to upper $100,000’s. Watterson Woods and Gaslight Estates are subdivisions that have more square footage still, have various layouts, most have brick exterior and sell from the upper $100,000’s to the mid $200,000’s.

Prices of the homes begin to rise in the neighborhoods with larger lots and homes. For example, Monticello Place, Saratoga Woods, Saratoga Woods Estates, Plainview, are neighborhoods that have two story and ranch brick homes three to five thousand square feet, sidewalks, beautiful manicured neighborhoods with mature trees and sell typically in the $300,000 to $500,000 range.

There are many options for the price, style and size of homes in Jeffersontown. The economy and location of “J-Town” make Jeffersontown a great place to live.