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Oldham County Real Estate

Oldham County Kentucky is a county within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  This county is the most affluent County in Kentucky and the forty eighth wealthiest county in the united states.  Interestingly, Oldham County was a dry county until January 2005. Originally founded in 1823, Oldham County grew to become a population of over 60,000 people.

Most residents choose to work in Louisville and commute to Oldham County because of the lack of crime and the nationally acclaimed school system.  The Oldham County school system is continuously recognized as the most superior school system in the state.

Oldham county began as a rural county with small developments such as Westport.  Westport was the original county seat.  When the rail lines came through in the 1850’s, new communities began to emerge.  After the Railroad stopped operating as a public form of transportation, the allure of a rural lifestyle still attracted residents away from the busy city life of Louisville.  Historically, this area attracted wealthy residents originally as summer houses, then ultimately as year round estates.

Oldham County is located in the east end of Louisville.  The northern border of Oldham County is the Ohio River and runs 196 square miles northeast of the city of Anchorage.  Highway 71 runs nearly thru the center of it.  The communities within Oldham County are, Ballardsville, Brownsboro, Buckner, Centerfield, Crestwood, Floydsburg, Goshen, La Grange, Orchard Grass Hills, Park Lake, Pewee Valley, Prospect, River Bluff and Westport.

When it comes time to purchase a home in Oldham County, it’s important to understand the Louisville MLS breaks Oldham County into two sections.  The two sections are Oldham County North (MLS Area 20) and Oldham County South (MLS Area 21).  The dividing line of the two sections is Highway 71.

There are so many opportunities to purchase homes for many different prices.  For example, there are some stunning homes sitting on hundreds of acres with agriculture and livestock production for over three million dollars.  The other extreme is a three bedroom two bath home in the woods for less than $40,000.

Some more specific examples of homes for sale are houses in the Crestwood area of Oldham County.  These homes range from a gentleman’s farm for just under two million dollars to just over $60,000 for a home in the Orchard Grass Hills subdivision.  Goshen Kentucky offers gorgeous homes anywhere from over a million dollars in the Longwood subdivision to just over $110,000 for houses in the Harmony lake subdivision.

La Grange offers the L’espirit subdivision.  L’espirit is an equestrian community of over 5000 acres with amazing properties.  These properties offer beautiful homes complete with paddocks and land from over two and a half million dollars to homes in the mid $400,000’s. Prospect offers homes in an area closer to the Ohio river from over three million dollars to just over $100,000.

Oldham county is a huge area with an enormous amount of valuable land.  Oldham County is one of the greatest places to live in Louisville.  It has a low amount of crime. It has the greatest school system in Kentucky and it is the wealthiest Counties in Kentucky.  Oldham county truly is a wonderful place to buy a home in Louisville.